Friday, 19 June 2015

Nalu Music Surf Camp

Hello! hello!

Baler is a 6-hour Joybus ride from Cubao. It will probably take 8hours if you're hitting the ordinary AC bus since they have stopovers in Cabanatuan and somewhere near Aurora.

JoyBus Genesis
40seater bus
635 pesos
They will also give you a bottle of  water, Voice biscuit and a blanket.
There is a cubicle for urinal.
Our Joybus was scheduled 5:30am but we took off 5:45am,

Sleeping Gikki

Since I just came out from work before heading to the bus terminal, I was sleeping (almost) the entire trip. We reached Baler almost noon. Just in time for lunch.

We headed straight to our first accomodation. We didn't know if it has a name since it is just a kubo outside a residential house.
Khai helped us get the place since all were fullybooked due to the Nalu event.
It is just across Pacific Waves Inn.
Ate Belle (our contact person) said that each kubo is good for 3pax, but if you want to sleep comfortably, I suggest that you set 2pax per kubo.

Fan room with double size matress.
Ate Belle's number is 0928-9913993

So after fixing our things and cleaning ourselves, we had our lunch at Bay-ler.
If ever you dropped by Bay-Ler, look for KUYA JR, (all of them are friendly, including the guards) but he is the friendliEST waiter of them all. :) :) :)

We had Seafood Chopsuey, Grilled Marlin and Bicol Express.
Jam had Mango shake.
AG had Cookies and Cream shake.
Khai had Watermelon shake.
Gikki had Apple San Miguel beer.
While Jok and I had 2L Red horse.

Since we are all full and tired and the sun is really scorching, (and Jok and I were a bit kind of tipsy) we spotted a place along the shoreline where we can lay our blanket and watch surfers ride the waves.

After an hour or two, we dropped by the Nalu camp and bought tickets for the event. We went back to our kubo to get rest and took bath before heading to the event.

After fixing ourselves, we choose to have dinner at the most popular car griller in Baler.
They have rice bowl meal for 89pesos, and grill platter for 200 pesos.

200peso meal
89peso meal

Well, in my opinion, its not worth it to order the 200 peso-meal.
The only difference is it comes with an atchara and it is served in a platter-type board.
And if you like fried rice, go for the 200peso-meal.

So after dinner, Jam, AG, Gikki and Khai went straight to the event while Jok and I went to Costa Pacifica :) :) :)

We then arrived at the concert place, and boost ourselves with free drinks while listening to the bands.

After few cups of those cocktail free drink, Pao, our new found friend, treated us beer. Too bad they need to leave before Franco's set.

Ewan ko kung san ako nakatingin ng mga panahon na 'to.

While at the event, we mingled with few people, well... here are some of them....

Si Kuyang "BOY RESUREKSYON" :) :)  nalasing pero nabuhay na mag-uli

=========================2nd day=========================

So we woke up 9am to cleaned ourselves and prepared for an early lunch since we are about to watch the most awaited boxing fight of the century.. (yeah! that's what they call it....)

We ordered, Pork Sinigang, Buttered Chicken, Paco Salad and Sisig.

#SalamatMayor for the free Pay-Per-View.

After which, we went back to our kubo to fix our things since we will be transferring to our second accomodation.

Photo credit:
Ate Terry: 09185955080

Since Khai will be leaving that night, we took the room that is good for 5pax.
AC room with LCD TV and Private toilet and bath
Queen size bed for Me, Jok and Gikki
Pullout bed for AG and Jam
2,100 per night
After fixing our things, Jok and I strolled the streets of Baler, looking for some good eats.

We bought bread, hotdogs and eggs for our meryenda.

After siesta... we plunge into the salt water!!!!!!

then had dinner at Maharajas Kebab....

Before Khai went back to Manila
Chicken Tikka

Beef Kebab

Beef Shawarma
After dinner, we stroll along the streets and bought Empi lights and chips for our second night sesh.
We drank the night away and had a goodnight sleep.

=======================3rd day=======================

We woke up late morning and we all decided to try surfing. Ag, Jam and Gikki hired their personal instructor, while Jok and I just rented a board and he became my personal instructor. #clingyness eh?

that's me and Jok :)

after an hour and a half, we all felt tired and HUNGRYYYYY!!!!
So we decided to eat our late lunch meal at Yellow Fin!

Grilled Pusit

Sizzling Sisig

Grilled Yellow Fin

With 11 rice!!!
yes!!! you read it right!!
11 rice for 5 pax.
That's what you get after surfing!!!!

And no!!!!
We're not done yet!
We went back to Bay-ler to get some of our favorite desserts.

Jam and Gikki's favorite Choco-Turon

and my favorite homemade ice cream :)

And ofcourse! what do you expect???/
After filling our tummy with lotsafood, we had siesta, took nap and watched people surf.

Since no one wants to go home yet, we had a 2nd surf-lesson.
This time, we all get personal instructor, except Jok.

We are all very tired and if only we don't have work the following day, we could have stayed for another day.

We departed Baler around 9pm.
We are all comfortably seating in a van when an unexpected incident happened.

The van overheated and we got stranded into a no light, no signal, not near any establishment or house - road.

We stayed there more or less 3hours, and while waiting for a rescue, since we dont have anything else to do, we just decided to watch Big Hero 6 using Gikki's phone.

We reached Cabanatuan 3am and good thing we immediately got into a bus going to Cubao.

It was a very tiring yet full of food and happy memories trip :)